Socio-Cultural Psychology in Reading Behavior of Employees and Determining Organization Culture


  • Mahalakshmi.V Prof. Seshadripuram College, Head of the Department of Commerce & Management, Bangalore, India.
  • Shobha.T Prof. Seshadripuram First Grade College, Department of Mathematics, Bangalore, India.
  • Banashri Assoc. Prof. Seshadripuram First Grade College, Department of Commerce & Management, Bangalore, India.



Organization Culture, Behavioral Factors, Psychological Factors, Workplace Culture


In the present diverse Organization culture, every Management need to determine motivational factors, policies, events and provide culture-based targets to lead the organization to achieve goals. In this journey every organization should understand the behavioral factors of their workforce. Psychology, on the other hand is a study of mind and behavior of human beings. This study considers important elements of psychology to study behavior of human at a said time to identify factors which motivates employees at workplace and improve efficiency. Understanding employee’s behavior also poses useful to set acceptable policies and work culture to the employees. This study also includes how behavior and thinking vary across situations and cultures, how it affects human behavior and thinking. A Likert scale is constructed based on important elements of psychology, the scores are analyzed to examine which point gets high score, further descriptive statistics was calculated to examine its variability and Reliability test on the construct was conducted to check whether the construct is reliable to the study are not.


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