Rock Tombs Located In Koramşalı District Of Erdemli District Of Mersin Province

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Koramşalı, Rock Tomb, Archaeology, Cilicia


Türkiye's geography has hosted many archaeological civilizations. Many architectural works have survived from past civilizations. Grave structures have a special place among these works. Past human communities sent their dead off to their last journeys according to their beliefs. Of course, rock tombs also have an important place among different grave structures. Koramşalı neighborhood, located in the Erdemli district of Mersin province, within the Cilicia Pedias, hosts such structures. Even though today they are quite worn out due to both human influence and the long passage of time, they continue to defy people and time where they are. No archaeological site scanning or excavation work has been carried out in the region. Of course, it would be better if they were evaluated together with other works found in this region. However, the most intact structures in the region that have survived to the present day are the rock tombs that will be discussed here. The rock tombs, which can be easily seen and attract attention even from far away, are no longer the target of illegal excavators. Some rock tombs that survived until recently were completely destroyed by the smugglers. It should be everyone's duty to put a stop to this destruction, to introduce these graves to the authorities and the scientific community, to attract attention and to ensure that what remains is passed on to future generations.


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